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  • Josie Partie

    Josie Partie

  • Whitney Hogue

    Whitney Hogue

    Enneagram 5 currently exploring Buddhism, feminism, socialism, body neutrality, grief, and Ms. Pac-man in Charlotte, NC.

  • Simone Keelah Brathwaite

    Simone Keelah Brathwaite

    A self-proclaimed freedom chaser who writes about self-development, spirituality, relationships, & black folx thangs. Sign up for updates www.SimoneKeelah.com.

  • Natasha


    I help write for the introverted, natural haired, issues with love, traveling, budgeting, sports loving, sometimes insecure women. (maybe men too)

  • Susana Scott

    Susana Scott

    Counselor, coach, and specialist in cognitive motivation. I help leaders and their teams to understand themselves and others by improving Emotional Intelligence

  • The Garrulous Glaswegian

    The Garrulous Glaswegian

    Lost in three continents. Owner and Editor of The Authentic Eclectic https://medium.com/the-authentic-eclectic

  • Prakash


    I wish to be sure that everyone who reads me, understands me right in the first reading and no one should feel the need to reach out for a dictionary.

  • Alessia D.

    Alessia D.

    Avid reader, lover and red wine drinker. A walk through the emotional rollercoaster modern dating is.

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