Harnessing Anxious Thoughts in Seasons of Unknown: How to Remain Present and Let Go of Worry

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Heart thudding. Breath shaking. Thoughts swarming. As soon as one fear reveals itself, ten more push themselves through the door. Suddenly, one worry transforms into a lake of worries. Now, you’re swimming in them; you’re swimming in the unknown and you can’t see a way out. It’s dark and noisy, and you don’t know how much longer you can tread water. Why does it feel like the lake is getting bigger?

This is what anxiety feels like. This is what constantly worrying about what is next feels like.

If only we could have and hold only one worry at a…

Your courage will save lives

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Did you know that in the United States alone, 20 million women and 10 million men will — at some point in their lives — battle an eating disorder? That’s a total of 30 million lives to fall victim to the ruthless mental and physical illness which stands in line with having the second-highest mortality rate.

Eating disorders aren’t something only women deal with and not everyone who experiences an eating disorder is cornflake thin. These are two common myths to keep people from getting help, and to keep family and friends from acting when they notice someone they care…

And how you can identify and overcome it

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Too much of anything is a bad thing and lately my “too much” has been work. Lots and lots of work. It’s an overwhelming fear I can’t escape…the fear that if I slow down, the entire world is going to cave in on me.

Have you felt that? the heavy weight of to-do’s on your shoulders. The racing thoughts of what you should be or could be doing anytime a break arises. The worry of letting others down.

There’s now a term for this and it’s called hurry sickness. Mental health specialists Rosemary K.M. Sword and Philip Zimbardo Ph.D. …

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I’m just going to say it: comparison is a liar. It is a thief to work alongside our monsters and tell us, You should be ashamed of who you are because who they are is so much better.

But is that the truth?

Why are we so quick to ruminate on what comparison feeds us, yet so slow to put up a fight and question the notions convincing us you must…you should… only if…maybe one day…maybe never.

Perhaps it’s the glamorous view of social media to keep us stuck, validating the insecurities comparison whispers.

Whether or not your feed is…

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It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week — a week to “shine the spotlight on eating disorders by educating the public, spreading a message of hope, and putting lifesaving resources into the hands of those in need.”

To do my part in executing this mission, I’ve put together this article with my top resource suggestions to recover from an eating disorder.

Before I dive into the resources however, I want to say a few things.

First off, if you’re reading this because you’re in the midst of recovering from an eating disorder, well done. …

I’ve always said, “The best way we can learn is through the stories of other people.”

While recovering from my fight with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Exercise Addiction, it was the stories of other survivors that gave me the courage to be vulnerable and move on from a disorder doing nothing more than keeping me trapped and hidden from my true potential.

These stories are what provided me the wisdom I needed to understand my struggle deeper. Why the disorder had become such a lifeline to me, and why I was afraid to let it go.

Today, I’m sharing an…

It was a Sunday afternoon in August and I had just finished eating a piece of banana bread with coffee to celebrate the $8,000 goal I reached as a part of the pre-launch campaign for my book, Good Enough.

I sat in awe, overwhelmed by all of the love and support I received from others and thought to myself, This is finally happening. My dream is coming true. I’m going to be a published author.

Before continuing my day of celebration, I decided to check the emails I’d abandoned while finishing up the campaign. …

I did a big thing this year and published my very first book. I acted on a seed planted in 2017 and I didn’t stop until the work was finished. I did it.

And now, being on the other side of the hard work, love, and dedication I poured into such a project, I’ve been reflecting on the last few years and everything I’ve learned. Some lessons are silly, while others have set the foundation of my life, giving me the confidence to go after and achieve my dream of writing and publishing a book.

It’s true that we are…

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When most people think of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), they picture a veteran suffering the consequences of all they’ve seen at war. But this isn’t always the case.

In fact, the American Psychiatric Association found that PTSD affects 3.5 percent of U.S. adults every year, from all nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures, and at all ages. Though that might not seem like a large number, we must take into consideration those who are struggling with PTSD and don’t even know it. If 1 in 11 people will be diagnosed with PTSD in their lifetime, how many people will go undiagnosed…

It’s 1960. A crowd of people — 500 to be exact — gather to protest in New York’s Central Park, holding banners that read “Fat Power” and “Buddha Was Fat.” They’re burning diet books and photos of supermodels, challenging antifat ideas, and demanding a change to overcome the discrimination those living in larger bodies face daily.

This is the fat acceptance movement, where the phrase “body positivity” originated. The “Fat-In” illustrated above was put on by WBAI radio artist and author, Steve Post, and is only one of many demonstrations to be organized in the ’60s and years following.


Carly Newberg

Author of Good Enough. Writing about physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in the most transparent way possible. Get my book here: https://amzn.to/2NVyMgA

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